Eco Culture

About EcoCulture



Alongside the imminent impact of global warming and a degradation of environment, we ought to rethink about how we use our current resources without depleting those of the future. There are immediate actions that can be done, from major to minor things such as our daily habits that altogether can make an impact.

Sustainable development therefore becomes Ciputra’s approach as a prominent developer in Asia. Anchoring on three pillars of sustainability principle - social, economic, and environment – we aim to increase the livelihood of the people, preserving an attractive option for residents and investors, as well as preserving the environment at an urban scale.

With these aims, we have the EcoCulture program targeted to encourage such collaborations – a goal to work together with the community towards a better environment.

The EcoCulture program is the cornerstone of our environmental awareness initiatives. It is ourconscious effort in extending the calls in reducing carbon footprints to our communities. At the heartof the program is to establish a “culture” of green, a community that is informed, empowered, andembraced in a collective effort towards a greener lifestyle.